I am a Postdoc at Copenhagen Causality Lab of the University of Copenhagen and work with Niels Richard Hansen.

My research is centered on nonparametric statistics, statistical learning and stochastic processes, with applications to biomedical studies. I am now interested in causal learning for unstructured events, and in particular in conditional local independence testing and learning algorithms.

I successfully finished my PhD at Centre Borelli, ENS Paris-Saclay, Université Paris-Saclay, under the supervision of Prof. Nicolas Vayatis and Ioannis Bargiotas. My thesis entitled ‘‘Rank Processes and Statistical Applications in High Dimension’’ can be found here and slides.

I work in collaboration with Prof. Stephan Clémençon at Télécom Paris on particular classes of stochastic processes with possible applications to statistical tests.

Visit the repository and read the article of a selection of papers related to COVID-19 outbreak developed with Marie Garin, Alice Nicolaï and Nicolas Vayatis, with detailed reviews.